Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New For Designers From Ava Living

I just received an email from Nika Stewart who's been coaching designers to offer more services online for quite a while. She writes that Ava Living has just launched a service that gets you more leads! Yes - AvaLiving has entered into a partnership with Meredith Corporation (publishers of Better Homes and Gardens, Family Circle, Traditional Home, etc. etc. etc...). Meredith will be sending consumers to the AvaLiving site for virtual design services!

Would you like to be one of the designers they find???

All you need to do is join Ava's Social Marketing Program for Designers. Once you are a member:

* Ava Living provides you with Consumer Leads.
* You follow-up the Consumer Leads with a complimentary Room Review and your menu of paid online Design Services.
* The Consumer reads their review and can buy your online Design Services.
* The Consumer pre-pays and you then complete their online Design Services.

It’s a very simple, but extremely powerful way to increase your geographic reach, your client base, and your revenues.

Get all the details on AvaLiving's Social Marketing Program for Designers here.


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