Wednesday, August 11, 2010

10 iPhone Applications for Your Home Needs.

We will be buying an iPhone or Droid from Verizon this year or as soon as our bookkeeper gives us the go-ahead.  She thinks before yearend we may get a BOGO offer.  In the meantime we think this article from Change of will be of interest to you: Top 10 iPhone Applications for Your Home Needs.
  1. Moving Van by Glimmer Design Limited allows you to easily keep track of the contents of every box right from the palm of your hand. 
  2. Home Interior Layout Designer by M.O.C. Interior Designer, LLC is a really cool app that will help you as you struggle with redecorating your home. 
  3. iHandy Carpenter by iHandySoft, Inc. is a great tool for amateur carpenter work and includes a great level which you can actually use for hanging pictures straight and other things.
  4. HomeRoutines by Wunderbear is a to do utility for household chores.
  5. paintingWalls by Enginy Studios is really a cool application where you take a picture of any room in your home and then you can use their custom painting tools to paint it any color you want and then swap colors until you find one that is perfect for that room. 
  6. Home Remedies by Feather & Moor, Ltd. Is an application with over 100 home remedies.
  7. Home Inventory by Gotta Have It! Software, Inc. is a great way to keep track of all of your belongings for insurance purposes and even warranty or other uses.
  8. HomeMeter by offers something unique in that it gives you a place to track your usage of natural gas, electricity, and other utilities by allowing you to easily keep track of your meters.
  9. Mobiscope: Home Surveillance by SHAPE Services is a must have application for those that are concerned about the security of their home or job site.
  10. X10 Commander by Melloware is an X10 Controller Client for the iPhone that will allow you to control all kinds of devices in your home from lights to your garage door.
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