Friday, August 06, 2010

Bev Buys Dovetail

My Design Secrets has a post today about Decorating with Worn and Washed Woods. The author Lorrie Brown of Lorrie Brown Interiors asks if " remember a couple of years ago when dark woods were all the rage? Whether they called it “Java” or “Wenge”, it seemed that they just could not make the finishes dark enough." What we are seeing now are "...worn and washed woods popping up all over the place. Worn finishes have a nice earthy matte look that is soft to the touch and easy on the eyes."

One of the hottest stops in Las Vegas was Dovetail, maker of furniture from reclaimed wood and the prices have that worn and washed look that Brown refers to. In fact we liked the furniture so much that we added Dovetail to our lines. Here's a video of Beverly showing me her selections:

Can you tell she's excited?

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