Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Paddle-and-anvil Pottery By Kate Tremel

American Style Magazine profiles Kate Tremel who has been getting her hands dirty for the past 20 years, yet the technique she uses to create her pottery goes back centuries. While in college, Tremel traveled to Peru where she studied a paddle-and-anvil technique, which became her signature skill.

What is paddle-and-anvil technique?
A method of smoothing and finishing the walls of hand-made pottery vessels where a small stone or wooden ‘anvil’ is held against the inner wall of the vessel while a flat or curved wooden ‘paddle’ is used to beat the outer surface into shape.

The shape of the anvil determines how the clay will move.

* a circular anvil results in the clay expanding in all directions
* an oval anvil held vertically against the wall results in the clay expanding horizontally
* an oval anvil held horizontally against the wall results in the clay expanding vertically

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