Monday, November 29, 2010

News From TODL

Some innovative, unique ideas from TODL today:

VID programmable lighting, media, comfort, or energy control
With a razor-sharp, full-size 6.4″ VGA display, two extra buttons and an optical rotary wheel, the Pronto RI-TSU9800 touch screen control panel is the easiest model to operate. Homeowners will appreciate the readability of the larger screen and the ability to displaying more icons or menu options on one single screen.

Switchable Liquid Crystal Privacy on Demand Glass
Switchable liquid crystal glass is a popular choice for any application including the home, corporate environment, or anywhere else there is a need for privacy or protection. By simply turning a switch, switchable liquid crystal glass is a state of the art glass featuring incredible privacy on demand and is becoming a popular item for builders, designers, architects and consumers. Eliminating the need for shades, curtains or blinds, the liquid crystal in the glass protects fine furnishings, carpets and displays from UV damage and the view of others.
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