Monday, January 17, 2011

Frederic Zimmer Studio/Furniture and Decoration

Back in September we posted about Iron Doors.  We wrote then,
We love front doors! When on vacation what draws the eye of the photographer?  It's the doors in the walls where you can only imagine what life is like beyond the address on the gate.
We came across some more fabulous doors and gates from Frederic Zimmer:
Frederic Zimmer, a French artist, is an internationally acclaimed sculptor. His fountains, murals, statues and stunning, handmade, one of a kind gates and imposing entrance doors are widely distributed throughout Europe, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai, Japan, the Caribbean, French Polynesia and the United States. His creations are unique and his range is impressive. Whether figurative or abstract, traditional or contemporary, the common feature of his work is a luxurious sensuousness. These works are intended to shock and challenge and to directly appeal to the viewer’s aesthetic sensibility. They combine form, color and texture to create objects of extraordinary beauty.

Zimmer designs and builds furniture, too. Take a look at this wonderful bed:

Everything would work wonderfully in our dream home in sunny Mexico!

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