Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Two Heartwarming Stories

Kathy in Mazatlan writes:
Yesterday a friend of a friend came in to town via a yellow and white cab to the Golden Zone. He was excited to visit our lovely city. When he got to his room he realized he left his leather pouch in the cab containing dollars, passport and other important papers. Shortly therefter the hotel received a phone call from cab driver and the pouch with all contents was delivered to him. Thank you for your honesty. Muchas gracias to our tourism.

Vitalia writes about losing her wedding rings.  She remembered before she got out of the car, she had taken her rings off and put them in her lap when she applied hand lotion..
I ran outside only to find out that there is a big sewer vent right under the door where I exited the car.  There was no sign of rings.  Just a big, ugly, scary sewer grid.
Rouget restaurant owner Brian in Newton, PA went into the sewer to search for her rings.

What are you willing to do for your clients, not to gain something, but to be a decent human being?

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