Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We've suspected that bathtubs aren't used much.  Most of the time when we see movies, TV or ads of someone in the bathroom, they are taking a shower. Rarely are they bathing.
Lake Norman resident Starr Miller considered getting rid of the whirlpool tub in her master bathroom when she realized her housekeeper was in it more than she was.
I suggested to Mike just last week while vacationing in Mazatlan, Mexico, that I would like to remodel the bathroom and create a wonderful  glass shower in place of the tub.  I just don't bathe anymore and Mike doesn't like to sit in his dirty water.   He loves a shower.

Doesn't this shower look luxurious?

What do you think? Are you including tubs in your bathroom remodels? Do you even use a tub in our busy days anymore?

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