Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Zintro Connects Professionals With Experts - FAST

Some of us are experiencing tough times! Duh! So this note on the ASID group on Linkedin caught my eye:

Seeking Interior Design consultants!

Zintro is seeking Interior Design experts for fee-based phone consults and project work. Zintro facilitates introductions to clients for free (a modest fee may be charged to the client if you both agree to talk). Zintro has over 4,000 clients looking for project work.

Zintro works as follows:
  • Client fills out a brief Inquiry form. Zintro matches the Inquiry against Expert profiles and forwards the anonymous Inquiry to Experts who might be a good fit.
  • Experts, who are qualified & interested, reply by sending a brief & anonymous electronic Proposal (via Zintro) to Client.
  • Client and Expert can further qualify each other by exchanging messages (zNotes).
  • When a Client accepts a Proposal and a "Zintro" is made. The Client and Expert agree on a time to talk and a private call-in number is provided to each.
  • If money is being paid to the Expert (often times initial consults are free), Zintro collects money from the Client (with a modest one time fee added on) and, pays the Expert his/her entire fee.
  • In addition to connecting Clients and Experts for fee-based phone consults, Zintro can also be used to connect Clients with consultants, contractors, and vendors for project-based and/or long-term relationships.
Now Zintro sounds like a way to add another source of income which could lead to bigger projects.

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