Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hire An Interior Designer

The following article originally appeared on interior designer Suzanne Simon's blog, but was lost recently. I am republishing it here:

A recent article at says that Brits spend near 60,000 pounds or about $90,000 in a lifetime improving their homes.  Here in the U.S. a recently released report from the 2010 Census, informs us that almost half of Americans (47%) have not updated their home décor in the last five years and 9% have not done anything in the last ten years.

That tells me two things: for most people $90,000 is a lot of money and there’s a lot of pent up demand for home décor in the U.S.  Doesn’t it make sense to hire an expert to avoid mistakes and to be sure the money is spent wisely?

Hiring an interior designer is not more expensive.  I ask a lot of questions about your likes and dislikes and what moves you.  When we are done, we will be on budget and will have avoided expensive mistakes.  In addition, when the project is complete, the rooms will reflect your style, and your home will be a haven where you can shut out the craziness of the world. 

~Mike Landfair
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