Sunday, October 30, 2011

Relaxed Or Informal Dining

Stanley Furniture is releasing a 22-piece expansion of its Classic Portfolio line.  The dining line has entry level pricing in three styles: the industrial-influenced Artisan, the European-inspired Old World and the sleek Modern line.

Why? Stanley believes there is a void in the market for affordable fashion-forward everyday dining. Formal dining is a slow seller. Maybe because, as the previous post pointed out, home owner needs for formal dining are changing.  We are moving to smaller homes and the formal dining room is wasted space.  Maybe, it has to do also, with no bottom seen in casual dining pricing.

Stanley Furniture "... is focused on delivering really great finishes that require an artistic hand to apply; great classic styling that really feeds someone's creative sense and then trying to do it at a price that's attainable."

Want to see more? Go to Stanley "New For Fall.".

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