Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Jetset Magazine has an interview of Dr. H.C. Günther W. Amann-Jennson who is the founder of Bioenergetic Sleep® and considered a pioneer in the sleep-health movement. We learn from the article that the wellness and luxury hotel industry is responding with big money to the traveling public's desire for healthier sleeping environments. Since 2007 Mariott Hotels have invested more than 150 million euro in healthy sleeping utilizing Power Sleeping Rooms ® a holistic concept of healthy sleeping from SAMINA


It's hard enough to get a good and untroubled or uninterrupted sleep at home. It may be even harder on the road as you encounter sleep difficulties away from home in hotels. You are in a strange room, maybe an uncomfortable bed, the air conditioner may be running all night, and there can be different lighting and people walking in the halls. Why the emphasis on healthy sleep? Scientists have learned that a healthy, restful sleep is the most important pillar of our physical and mental performance, as well as mental well-being. Also, our immune systems are strengthened while we sleep.

Why use SAMINA healthy sleep systems? SAMINA has spent years working together with scientists and experts to develop a complete sleeping system. The SAMINA bed is made up of three layers; the flexible slat frame forms the basis of the system providing support for the whole body, the natural rubber mattress for cushioning and comfort, and the pure sheep’s wool pad for a perfectly dry and warm bed climate. Then couple all that with SAMINA duvets and pillows that contain only 100% biologically active wool of high-grade Merino quality from free-range sheep.

There's one more aspect of healthy sleep: eliminating electrical smog! Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) are produced by power lines, electrical wiring, electrical appliances such as televisions, radios and microwaves as well as mobile phones, mobile phone towers, DECT telephones and radio towers. It is becoming more widely acknowledged that these EMFs or ‘electrical smog’ are closely linked to health concerns and the disruption of sleep.

Lokosana® is a new and natural method for protection against electromagnetic radiation. The Lokosana® is an overlay that is placed between the natural rubber mattress and the wool pad of a SAMINA system. It is made from the same high quality organic virgin sheep’s wool and encased in a pure twisted certified organic cotton cover. The addition of Lokosana® to your SAMINA sleeping system will convert your certified organic bed into a place of true recuperation, free from disturbances created by electromagnetic pollution.

Contact the sleep-health advisor Claus Pummer
For over 10 years, Claus Pummer, a certified sleep-health coach, has represented the SAMINA firm and its sleep-healthy philosophy in Canada and the United States. He will advise you about how to get a healthy, bioenergetic sleep and will give you valuable tips on how to improve it. From a scientific perspective, this is one of the best strategies for stress and burnout.
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