Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bridget Otto, today calls our attention to an article by Courtney from A Thoughtful Place about slipper chairs. Courtney shows a number of chairs and writes:
One of my very favorite ways to infuse personality and pattern into a room is with a slipper chair. Without being a huge investment, they really open up the seating possibilities in a space. You can add texture and pattern without eating up too much real estate.
We have some thoughts on the subject. If you would like a designer look and a selection of fine fabrics from Bernhardt Interiors, why not take a look a these Bernhardt Interiors slipper chairs:
Avignon $1,485
Holdan $1,395
Beaumont $1,395
Naomi $1,395
Roland $1,200
Portia $1.320 

The chairs shown above are quoted with retail pricing. Remember you have a choice of Bernhardt Interiors fabrics or you can use your own fabrics. The website will even tell you how much fabric is needed.
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