Sunday, August 05, 2012

Kitchen Magic, From Basement To Success

In 1979 Jost (Joe) Fleck had an idea that homeowners on the east coast had a desire for a new kitchen, but new cabinets would break their budgets.  Joe Fleck started a business, Kitchen Magic, built on the idea of refaced cabinets. His product was so good that he offered a Lifetime of Home Ownership Warranty. 

Like so many who start a new business, there wasn’t a lot of money for fancy digs and pricey furniture.  Joe started in a low-budget basement. A basement that was prone to flooding during a heavy rain. Joe wagered his family’s finances that his superior product and service would garner referrals.  Indeed they did, for now he has 31 locations in the six states of Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Now, Joe doesn’t just offer refacing, but custom cabinets and countertops in brilliant quartz surfaces Cambria®, Silestone® and Zodiaq®, as well as durable Corian® and Granite. In addition, he carries the traditional Formica and WilsonArt laminate countertops. 

Other than cost, why should a homeowner consider refacing the existing cabinets? Often times, the cabinets you have are superior to and fit better than those offered by the large independent home fixit chains.  Pre-fab cabinets have other drawbacks as well.  Many times they are made of pressed particle or fiberboard containing formaldehyde and other chemicals toxic to humans. Custom kitchen cabinets from Kitchen Magic are crafted from real solid wood or plywood that don’t emit VOCs.

Joe Fleck and his wife Reine built their business starting from that humble basement to give homeowners an alternative to expensive new kitchen cabinets. Kitchen Magic’s solution was not just cheaper, but came with a freedom from worry. Joe said it best when he said, "The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of a cheap price is forgotten."
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