Thursday, August 02, 2012

Add Value With Sheepskin

In June of this year, I wrote about a healthy sleep system that advocated using a “…pure sheep’s wool pad for a perfectly dry and warm bed climate.”  To top it off for a great healthy sleep use “…pillows that contain only 100% biologically active wool of high-grade Merino quality…”

Where do you buy things made from sheep’s wool for your home and auto? Our friends at Comfy Sheepskin have the answer. For 25 years they have made and distributed sheepskin rugs, sheepskin seat covers and home décor products from their headquarters in California.

Comfy Sheepskin sells sheepskin mattress covers in four qualities for any size bed, along with sheepskin pillows and shams.  Do you want seat covers to protect your car’s leather or protect your backside from the hot summers or cold winters? Try sheepskin seat covers.

Many homes are bringing back hardwood floors.  While the look of the various woods used is stunning, sometimes you need some texture to soften the look or some comfortable seating on a cold winter night before the fire. Try sheepskin rugs.  They are available in 12 colors and you can order up to eight skins stitched together without a special order.

Take a look at Comfy Sheepskin’s website.  You may not believe all the ways sheepskin products can add value to your life.  So much so that you wouldn't think of living without them.
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