Sunday, October 28, 2012

Seven Rules Made To Be Broken

As we find in writing poetry, "Smart designers break lots of rules."

Marni Jameson writes,
No wonder so many do-it-yourself home decorators are stuck at their thresholds, afraid to make a move. If they do conjure the courage, they make design choices so wimpy even their pets will yawn.
Syndicated columnist and speaker Marni Jameson and author of “House of Havoc” and “The House Always Wins” (Da Capo Press) lists seven rules that are made to be broken. Still afraid? Call a local interior designer and tell her you want to be bad! You want to break the rules.

UPDATE: I received this email from Marni Jameson: Please change the sentence in the article to read:
I didn't realize how strongly I felt about this until last week, when a refreshing message arrived in my inbox, from the folks at Lou Hammond & Associates,// SHOULD BE Hunter Douglas, a leading maker of window-coverings.
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