Sunday, October 28, 2012

I keep mentioning one of our favorite shows, House Hunters International.  We love to see the variety of homes that are in sunny climates and are beach side or come with a water view.  In many of the homes, we see "plantation shutters."

I didn't know much about plantation shutters until I read this article, Plantation Shutters: Window Treatments that Increase Your Home Value.
Plantation shutters are multi-purpose interior window coverings. They allow for an adjustable flow of air, and an adjustable amount of light, entering a room. They provide privacy. They provide shade, which helps keep interiors cool when outside temperatures climb. Additionally, they add an additional layer of insulation against outside cold. They are a versatile and highly desirable decorative touch.
The article lists five tips for the selection of plantation shutters. Aside from those tips, installation of plantation shutters greatly increase your home's curb appeal.
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