Monday, February 18, 2013

Win An MTD Ride-on

Do you ever wander through the aisles at your local lawn and garden store and stare wistfully at the rider mowers? My husband does. He imagines himself on the back of a six-speed mower charging up hills and making tight circles around trees and other stationary objects. The wind is blowing through what's left of his hair, the sun brings out the sweat on his bare arms, and the smell of newly mowed lawn fills the air. At the end of his ride he looks back on the perfectly groomed lawn of his estate and smiles, pats the behemoth affectionately and heads for the barn.

"Imagines" is the key word here. Our lawn is a strip of parking six feet wide and 40 feet long with another tiny bit of grass near the house. It may take him 30 minutes, tops, to mow, edge and gather up the electric cord for the mower. There's no way we need a rider mower.

If you dream the dream of my husband, you may be able to win one. From now until March 14th, if you sign up for The Range's newsletter, you will be entered to win a six-speed 420CC MTD Ride-on lawn mower worth nearly £2000 or about $3,000 U.S.!!!

The winner will receive free delivery, full machine setup, first hand operational advice and an explanation of all its features.

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