Monday, March 18, 2013

How to Create a Cozy Breakfast Nook


A breakfast nook can serve as a special gathering place and sets the stage for the most important meal of the day.  Often designated in a recessed area near the kitchen, the nook should be as warm and inviting as the food that's served on the table.

Breakfast nooks make an ideal setting for sitting down to a more intimate meal, or for peaceful moments with a fresh cup of coffee while reading the paper or a book.  However you decide to use this space, there's an appeal in that it is more casual than a dining table, and yet holds an endearing allure to share your most heartwarming meals with family and friends.

The following are a few breakfast nook ideas when designing the perfect retreat from the often busier kitchen area.

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The right table.  Searching for the ideal breakfast nook table entails knowing how many people you wish to seat.  Creating a bench-style seating area can be a beautiful and efficient way to incorporate more seating space.  If desired, a few additional side chairs can be added as needed.  You'll also want to consider how much space you'll need, and if you wish to use a casual or a luxury table.

Keep the clutter away.  One way to start the day off well is to keep any unnecessary items off the breakfast table.  Leaving bills, junk mail, and keys out can be an eyesore and create unwanted mind-clutter in the morning.  With such a small area to begin with, less items within the dining area can create a sense of serenity to maximize your space and enjoyment.

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Ensure that you have ample light.  Natural light is preferable, and most built-in alcoves are already positioned near windows, which creates an impression of more space.  Also, taking in sunlight while having breakfast every morning can make the difference between starting off the day on a good note or a bad one.  What a better way to start the day than absorbing all the benefits of sunshine!

Keep things simple and display only the things you love.  As breakfast nook spaces are usually smaller than an average dining room, you'll want to choose your decorative items with more care.  A clean color palette and minimalist patterns will help to create an ambiance that is light and casual.  Fresh flowers in your favorite vase can be the perfect accent piece that appeals to the senses and also brings a breath of calm to the setting.

Add a layer of depth with key accent furnishings.   A beautiful area rug within the breakfast nook offers the space a sense of warmth and coziness.  If space allows, a small accent table can be used to display decor items so as keep the breakfast table as free from clutter as possible.

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Bring a touch of dramatic flair to inspire your mornings.  Dress your breakfast nook with flowing curtains or make a statement with lighting by hanging a vintage or modern chandelier.  Whatever your vision, your special nook should inspire and create a comfortably welcoming atmosphere.

Photo via Lonny.

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