Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ideas for an Inviting Guest Bedroom

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With summer’s arrival, we’re excited about the outdoor and sun-filled activities that await.  Perhaps you have family returning from college, or maybe your mother-in-law will be popping by for her "surprise" annual visit.  Regardless of who will be visiting, you'll want to prepare a comfortable space for them that’s welcoming. 

If you don’t know where to start, we've compiled a few ideas:

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A Comfortable Bed

A double bed with at least 4 supportive sleeping pillows would be ideal.  Provide cotton linens to maximize sleep comfort, freshly laundered and pressed for a welcoming arrival.  You may also provide your guests with a supply of extra light or heavy blankets if needed.

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Simple Decor

Clutter is the nemesis of rest.  Keep your guests relaxed with simple décor such as a small floral arrangement on a dresser or night stand.  You may also choose to leave a few books or magazines, a notepad, stationary and pens for your guests.  Provide a lamp or two for reading bedside.  A phone and alarm clock with radio within the room are nice touches, although not necessary.

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Closet Space

Set aside some space in the closet or provide a suitable storage area such as an armoire for your guests' clothes and belongings.  Furnish several hangers for hanging jackets and sweaters, and perhaps reserve a few dresser drawers for smaller articles.

Design by Tracery Interiors. Photo via Sweet Chaos Home. 

Guest Bath

Freshen up the bathroom and leave thoughtful touches such as potpourri, scented candles or a vase of fresh flowers. Whether your guests will have their own bathroom or will share one, it's important to leave space for their personal items.  It’s common to forget to pack certain items when travelling, so you may wish to provide a supply of soap, shampoo, and various toiletries such as cotton balls, Q-tips, toothpaste and a razor.  Don’t forget to leave a few washcloths and face and bath towels just for your guests.  Consider setting up a laundry hamper for used towels and linens, especially if they will be staying for an extended period of time.

Thoughtful Gestures

Summer and warmer weather go hand-in-hand, so leaving a pitcher of cold water and drinking glasses for your guests will be an appreciated gesture.  Think ahead about things your guests may need while staying with you - perhaps house slippers, a bath robe, a vanity mirror or a cozy chair will make them feel right at home.  Your guests will love staying with you, and thank you for your thoughtfulness.

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