Friday, October 11, 2013

Fresh and Exciting Garden Design Ideas

You are individual and unique so why shouldn't your garden and patio areas reflect this? Of course, being original these days can be a difficult task, as so much has already been done before. But with a little thought and plenty of creativity, you can still find exciting ways to improve your garden that are fresh, easy, cost effective and not least importantly, very pleasing on the eye.

Upcycle Your Way to a Brand New Garden

All that 'junk' that's just been laying around in the shed for years gathering dust, is in fact a potential garden design goldmine. Upcycling is the process of transforming all of your broken or unwanted pieces of household debris into attractive, artistic or even practical objects, effectively giving them a second life. In garden design, previously useless objects can become creative and original centrepieces. Who needs a conventional flowerbed when you've got a broken down VW Beetle rotting in the garage? Remove the hood and engine and plant colourful flowers inside! Overrun by old unwanted crockery and plates? You'd be amazed what some paint and a little super glue can do. Stack the plates and cups on top of each other in the right order, apply a little glue, some paint and eureka: You've just made your first ceramic bird bath! Broken old chairs, ill-fitting rubber boots, car parts, ancient television sets, retired electrical appliances, home brew bottles, shelves, tables – you name it – just about anything can be upcycled into an impressive garden or patio design piece.

Balance Your Creativity

Even with all these great creative ideas, you still need to be a little mindful of what type of 'look' or scheme you are creating for your garden. If you merely throw all of your design ideas randomly together, your garden quickly becomes less of a design and more of a random collection of objects, patterns and installations. Be sure to think stylistically about how you combine the various elements of your design motif. Sometimes building your garden around a more conventional structure can give it the grounding it needs. Don't be afraid to use some plain outdoor decking, or even some quality uniformed paving from Milford. With one of these as your foundation, you can then begin to construct a more bohemian garden landscape that doesn't look out of place. On the contrary, it will look fabulous.

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