Saturday, February 15, 2014

Light It Right

Couldn't help but notice that Portland's Heidi Semler was quoted in The Morning Call. "Light it right" says something may be missing in your home and it's not a painting or a piece of furniture. It may be light.

"In general, light and airy beats dark, which often equates with dreary, says Heidi Semler, an interior designer in Portland, Ore. Living in a perpetually rainy climate, Semler often uses lighting strategies to brighten rooms."


"Another issue could be lack of task lighting. "If you haven't changed anything about your lighting in years, you probably should," van Koolbergen says. "As we get older, we need more light in work areas."

"Task lighting under kitchen counters helps tired eyes, Semler says. Track lighting can also help illuminate those tiny washing instructions in a windowless laundry room."

You can reach Heidi Semler Interior Design, LLC in Portland, Oregon at(503) 222-7600 or email her at

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