Monday, July 07, 2014

Nine Years Ago Today

UPDATED: The July-August, 2005 Oregon Home, this highly readable magazine, has an article by Ken Logan titled 16 Master Bedroom Mistakes to Avoid.

Ken was gracious enough to allow me to quote from the article.

Here are the 16 Mistakes:

1. Not springing for a mattress that's going to maximize your chances of getting a great night's rest.
2. Not considering the size of your bedroom when choosing furnishings.
3. Letting your master bedroom drift off to the bottom of your building or remodeling budget. It's too easy to focus on the public spaces and neglect the area where you may spend a third of your day.
4. Assuming that knocking out the wall between two small bedrooms is the best way to create a master bedroom during a remodel. Don't rip out the thing you are paying for.
5. Not keeping a consistent design between the master bedroom and the bath. Work for "visual coherence".
6. Not making the most of storage options. Clutter is not restful.
7. Underestimating the effect lighting has on your bedroom. The spectrum of natural light that comes from the sun is best.
8. Skimping on finishes or decor in the bedroom because "no one's going to see it." You deserve a beautiful, restful space.
9. Letting a large space tempt you into using the master bedroom for functions that are better suited to other parts of the house. Mike and I do not have a TV in the bedroom.
10. Assuming you can't add a master bedroom just because you don't have-or can't create-a big plush space.
11. Passing up the chance to have your morning cup of coffee waiting for you when you step out of bed.
12. Neglecting what's outside when planning your restful retreat.
13. Forgetting to allow for lifestyle changes in your sweet design. We are all getting older.
14. Working so hard on the look of your bedroom that you forget that quiet is also crucial.
15. Opting for flooring that's too cold and hard.
16. Minimizing how huge a factor color is in the feel you're trying to create in a master bedroom.

In each of the 16 mistakes, Ken Logan has consulted local resources to offer solutions.

Also, remember Landfair Furniture + Design can recommend a number of interior designers we work with that are knowledgeable in helping you avoid these mistakes or providing solutions.

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