Friday, September 05, 2014

Designing An Office That Is Truly Efficient

Your business does not have unlimited space in its office, and you may move to a new office that is still not unlimited. You need to make smart decisions that will save space in the office while making the office look impressive at the same time. You might not have thought that sliding door hardware would be impressive, you can utilize your space in untold ways with just one major change.

The Office Layout

The way you set up your office is up to you. You can place all the management offices around the perimeter of the space, and your employees can have cubicles in the center. Your workers may have small nooks to work in while the managers work in one large office on the side of the space. You can choose any layout you want. You have complete freedom to make your office look the way you want, but you must use that freedom wisely.

The Sliding Doors

In every office layout you use, sliding doors are going to be your best friend. Sliding doors provide you with space that you did not have before you installed them. Every office floor plan you have seen in the past showed the way in which each door in the office was going to open. Your new office layout eliminates the need for space to open doors. Sliding doors do not swing open, and they slide behind a wall or a large window. You are not taking up any extra space by using sliding doors, and you can utilize this space for other things.

Utilizing The Space

The space that you save by using sliding doors can be used for much greater purposes. You can put a file cabinet where a door would have opened. You can put seating outside an office where a door would have opened, or you can install another door. Two offices can be right next to each other without the worry of both doors obstructing the hallway outside the office.

You also get a break from the fire marshal when you use these doors. The space that was once taken up by opened doors is now clear, and the fire marshal cannot complain about your sliding doors. Also, you get much more secure doors.


Sliding doors are far more secure than traditional doors because of the way they lock. The sliding door slides it lock into a part of the door frame that is flush with the door. These doors cannot be kicked easily because of the sturdiness of the frame and the frame of the door itself. Also, these doors take special locks that are hard to penetrate. Your office can feature a non-traditional locking system most thieves will not understand.

Privacy and Openness

When you need privacy in your office, you can close the blinds on your sliding door easily. When you need to let a little air into your office, you can raise the blinds on your door and make the room feel much bigger. You can make sure people cannot see what is going on in a very important meeting, or you can make sure everyone can see what you are doing. This quick change from openness to privacy is very important for managers and executives.


When you are creating a new office, you want it to look as modern as possible. People who visit your business and see an antiquated setup are going to be disappointed. Sliding doors have a futuristic feel that you cannot replicate in any other way. Also, you will find that these doors are much easier to care for, and this saves money on repairs.

Your office can look amazing when you install new sliding doors, but you have to get the layout right. Save space, utilize it wisely and create an office anybody would be impressed with.

Paisley Hansen is a freelance writer and expert in health, wellness and interior design. When she isn’t writing she can usually be found reading a good book or hitting the gym.

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