Friday, September 26, 2014

Wish You Were Here Sweepstakes!

Jennifer Adams has been a subject of blog posts on Landfair on Furniture since 2008. Adams is an interior Designer and local who started her career as many have, at Heritage School of Interior Design. We have many friends in the trade, who started their training at the school; one is famous for seminars at the Home & Garden show, another gave up a career in micro-biotechnology to pursue her career in interior design. No graduate, though, is as famous as Jennifer Adams.

I know marketing is a big deal with Interior Designers. For most, marketing is an obligation, a duty. For the few, marketing is the way into the world of slick designer magazines, TV where they get to showcase their talents; websites where they can bring their ideas directly to the world. Some interior designers are as good at design as they are at marketing. That’s a rarity.

We were one of the first furniture stores to use a blog as our primary marketing vehicle; Jennifer Adams was one of the first interior designers to add a blog to her website. It allowed her to communicate directly with her clients and prospects.

Then in 2012, I wrote that Jennifer Adams had taken a jump by teaming up with Costco: “Costco stores will soon offer The Jennifer Adams Home collection consisting of bouclĂ©-upholstered sofas, hardwood headboards and hand-crafted dining room tables, some priced at upwards of $4,000.

“The collection, made in California, will consist of 83 pieces.”

I wondered at the time about the impact of Costco furniture on the high-end furniture retailer. It’s easy to say, “Our high end customer would never think about buying their furniture that way.” They will learn about quality the expensive way, when they put the new furniture on the curb sporting a “free” sign. I also wondered if Costco shoppers would plunk down $2,000 to $4,000 for furniture and special orders delivered in six weeks.

Turns out that Jennifer Adams had a nice feel for the pulse of America. I’m sure that America will continue to like her warm and breezy approach to in home design as she graduates to television,
Now you can make your own connection with Jennifer. Join her VIP Club which rewards you for doing what you already do - watching videos on home improvement, decorating tips, do-it-yourself projects, and more. Plus by joining you will be entered into the Wish You Were Here Sweepstakes!

Should you win, you will receive 3 days and 4 nights at the world renowned L'Auberge Hotel in Jennifer's rehabilitated condo. The condo is situated on one of California’s best beaches in the picturesque coastal village of Del Mar near San Diego. You will have lunch with Jennifer and then take private tour of the fully renovated Del Mar condo that she took down to the studs reinvigorating this 30+ year old home! It’s an opportunity to ask all your burning interior design questions and get Jennifer’s opinions.

Join Jennifer Adam’s VIP Club today. I did!

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