Tuesday, March 29, 2005

10 Furniture Shopping Tips that Will Help You Save

Yesterday, Toby Bloomberg suggested writing 10 Tips to buying furniture.

Here are 10 Furniture Shopping Tips that will help you save!

1. Measure the room. Make sure the 84” Étagère that you love will fit in the 80” space.
2. What is the function of the room? The furniture should reflect the users of the room.
3. What furniture fashion style are you?

Are you dropping the cozy-cottage look for a more sophisticated contemporary feel? Do you want sleek leather or soft chenille? Do you have a wood preference? Walnut or cherry?
4. Bring paint chips, wallpaper or fabric samples and pictures with you
5. Do you have a favorite piece or pieces in the room, or a collection that must be utilized?
6. What is your time frame for delivery?
7. What is your budget?
8. Have you priced furniture lately?
9. Will you need financing?
10. Do you need the services of Interior Designer? (Avoid costly mistakes!)

Bev & Mike

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