Monday, March 28, 2005

Lip-Sticking and Diva Marketing

If you aren't reading Lip-Sticking, you are missing some great marketing tips oriented to women on-line. On March 17th Yvonne of Lip-Sticking interviews Smart Woman Online: Toby Bloomberg, owner of Diva Marketing. There are so many good things in this interview from discussing a new poll about differences between men and women bloggers, to references to blogs written by women, to great marketing advice. For Example:
Diva Marketing Tips for Lip-sticking Readers

Before you begin to create a strategy you should be able to answer these questions.
1. Know your product or service. Can you describe what you offer in one or two sentences?
2. Understand your customers. Who are they? How does your product/service help them solve a problem or make their lives better?

Now you can begin to create strategies to promote your business!
And this two-part piece of free advice:
1. Understand the media’s/publication’s focus and audience before you “pitch.”
-Traditional: send a media release to local (smaller) newspapers and trade organizations.
-Non traditional: build relationships with bloggers in your niche, once established ask for a review or mention of your product.
-Use the mentions in proposals, send them to clients and prospects.

2. Write a series of “tip articles.”
Examples: An accountant could write - 10 Tips That Save Time & Money When You Meet With Your CPA. Or how about this one for a nail salon? 10 Tips To Help Your Manicure Last Longer.

Offer the articles free to the media/blogs/publications that you sent your press releases. In addition to providing value-add content for their audiences you reinforce your positioning as a leader in your field. (emphasis added)

Bev and Mike

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