Monday, October 24, 2005

Decorating Trends at High Point

Kara Cox at Home Accents Today has a look at High Point and finds there is comfort with nature-inspired styles.
A soft mix of seascape hues such as sea green, sky blue and sandy beige create a simple palette for showcasing the treasures of the natural world. Wood is interpreted as a pattern in silky soft goods and cool silver-toned metal designs. Birds offer a feminine touch as sculptures and in hand-painted motifs on accent furniture. Wall decor showcases bird and egg designs featuring an antique quality offered with hand-colored prints.


With chaos becoming more evident in the world around us, consumers are looking for design and style that will create a calming environment in the home. Drawing inspiration from nature allows texture to remain organic, soft beach colors to relax and styles to merge the outdoors within.

Bev & Mike

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