Thursday, October 27, 2005

Nancy Zieg Competes in HGTV's Designer's Challenge

Hey gang, next Thursday at 9:30 PM EST and PST Nancy Zieg will compete in HGTV's Designer's Challenge.

Nancy Zieg was one of Landfair Furniture's Top 20 Designers for 2004, based on business done with the store. We interviewed her here at Landfair Furniture (Blog).

The show's website explains the challenge this way:

Wouldn't it be great to choose from different plans offered to you by three design experts for your real-life interior-design project? This weekly half-hour series follows one homeowner per episode through the exhilarating decision-making process of selecting from among three designers' room renovation plans, created just for the homeowner. Viewers watch as the chosen designer brings about a fabulous new look for the room. Hosted by Chris Harrison.
We wish Nancy all the best. It must be an honor to be recognized on the show and we will be watching, next Thursday at 9:30 EST and PST.

Bev & Mike

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