Wednesday, October 26, 2005

"An Exploration of Portland Food and Drink" Blog

I wrote in September about a blog that gives restaurant reviews and blogs about food called An Exploration of Portland Food and Drink. If you are into the latest restaurants, you have to visit this site. Today we read this comment:
This is an amazingly busy time for new restaurants. We have Roux, Nostrana, Vindalho, and Fenouil (Jamison square in the Pearl), Siam Society on Alberta, an oyster bar on alberta, Blue Olive on Fremont, all opening about the same time. On top of that is the sudden rise (and fall?) of Olea.
In addition to the restaurant reviews there is an excellent article about cheese, What Does Cheese Mean?:
A certain euro-centrism reigns in cheese appreciation circles. When I think of good cheese (really good cheese), what immediately comes to mind is an imaginary French or Italian sheep’s milk gem crafted from the milk of herds grazing in the Alps. On some level, there’s a logic to this; European cheesemaking is a centuries-old tradition that produces some of the world’s great cheeses. But on another level, many aficionados take an us vs. them approach to cheese appreciation, as if great cheese can only be measured against European standards. I think there’s a lot more to cheese than that.

Bev & Mike

BTW the Clinton neighborhood blog says a new restaurant (is) coming to the 'hood on Powell across the street from the Fireside Coffee Lodge. Blue Dragonfly will be an a Latin American-inspired restaurant.

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