Thursday, April 20, 2006

Gas-powered Tankless Heaters

It's Bridget Otto Thursday and today she writes about Going tankless, tankless water heaters. In a follow up to her December article about tankless water heaters, Otto writes
Seems there's no market for electric systems here. But there is for gas-powered, and those readers with gas-powered heaters felt I'd given the product short shrift.

Now, knowing what I know, I agree with them. But my bottom line is still the same: Tankless water heaters are wonderfully convenient and energy efficient. But if your goal is to save money -- an aspect highly touted by manufacturers -- chances are good you'll be disappointed.


The Energy Trust report sees new homes as the best niche for tankless heaters but notes that many contractors and builders aren't familiar with them.

In existing homes, the report says, "the costs of physically accommodating their installation can add considerable expense."

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