Monday, April 03, 2006

Women Will Be Online More Than Men!

Within the next year European women will be online more than men according to a new study by The Center for Media research.
The report shows how women's use of different media is evolving as they are interacting with the internet through blogging, ecommerce and instant messaging. As today's consumers are more sophisticated and demanding, the internet offers advertisers the opportunity to engage and interact with their customers better, building deeper relationships, says the study.


Today's busy lifestyles, means that female internet users are making the most of the convenience that the internet offers:

80% felt they could "get what they want quickly and save time" on the internet, compared to 22% for newspapers, 18% for television and 17% for radio

67% agreed they could "have what they want, when they want it", compared to: 28% for television, 27% for newspapers and 25% for magazines

61% believed the internet helped them "stay ahead of the game", compared to: 44% for television, 41% for newspapers and 30% for radio

Women's understanding and use of the internet is becoming increasingly sophisticated. Today, 60% use broadband to go online compared to only 17% three years ago. Only 5% of European women don't know if they have broadband.

So how about American women? Are we becoming more sophisticated in the use of the internet? Are you using the internet to market your business?

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