Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bridget Otto Thursday

It's been a while, but today is Bridget Otto Thursday in H&G NW. Today Otto writes in Banishing 'Aunt Matilda' how Bruce and Joyce Maxwell did a major remodel of the 1960's style home, but were unhappy with the home's living room and adjacent dining room. Their "heavy, old-fashioned furnishings clash(ed) with a (the) ranch's clean lines.

Enter Kim Jaynes of Kimberlee Jaynes Interior Designs Inc to save the day. She wanted the Maxwells to "embrace the home's Eichler-esque architecture with appropriate furnishings and color," but the Aunt Matilda furnishings would have to go.

The article is a case study of how a designer gets information from a client about their activities and preferences, budget, sizes up a home problem and brings about a solution, including shopping with the client. A designer can save a client so much time by knowing what is offered in various stores.
After the Maxwells decided on colors and direction, Kim went into stores and pulled together sofas and chairs and tables and took the Maxwells on tour. Once materials, finishes and sizes were established, orders were placed.

"Kim was helping us find the right place and right shapes," says Joyce, who admits she would not have been happy doing this shopping on her own. "Kim steered us through that process. It was very collaborative."
If you go to the web site of Otto's article, you can pull up pdfs of before and after pictures. What a change and the Maxwells are happy.
The new furnishings and their arrangement make both rooms inviting. The sofa and chairs in the living room take in the view and are placed close together to create a comfortable environment. Joyce says she finds herself standing in the entry, marveling at the change.
Well done, Kim!

If you not happy with the look of your home or just want a change, since more than 80% of our business is with designers, who better to recommend several interior designers for you to interview.

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