Saturday, July 28, 2007

Surfing Through Trendir!

Back in September, 2006, I came across a blog dedicated to the high end:
Trendir is an online magazine about the latest Home Decor Products and Trends. We cover High-End Luxury products. Think of us as having both style sense and the ability to identify new and cool things.
I stopped by again and was impressed by the interest in their site. Their site gets over 5,000 visits per day, almost 180,000 visits per month!

If you visit, you will notice the beautiful photography, like this kitchen featuring an indoor waterfall:

or this stunning tub and view:

It reminds me of the Street of Dreams homes.

At first, I want to "chuck" our home, built in 1929, for the new clean lines of the contemporary siren, but then I would miss our established neighborhood and its nearness to town. I would miss the Grant dog park where Ralph loves to chase squirrels and the dogs of morning dog walkers. I would miss our home's coved ceilings and the gentle arch that frames the dining room. I would miss the memories made in our first home.

But...when I win the lottery, you can bet my second house will feature one of these showers shown in Trendir:

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