Saturday, July 28, 2007


There's a new channel on the net called Better.TV, Home-Family-Life. It's as clear as the TV in your home and one of the announcers sounds suspiciously like the woman of the local Landmark Ford ads.

Better.TV is brought to the air by Meridith Corp (MDP), publisher of these magazines:
American Baby, Better Homes and Gardens, Child, Country Home, Family Circle, Fitness, Hispanic Ventures, Ladies' Home Journal,
Midwest Living, More, Parents, ReadyMade, Ser Padres, Siempre Mujer, Successful Farming, Traditional Home, and Wood.

When you go to the Better.TV website, you'll see across the top a list of topics, such as "Events", "Remodeling", "Gardening", "Shows", "Family Now", etc. There seems to be a Portland orientation, maybe that's just demographics, but it certainly kept my attention. We've all read about the dying print media, but we are seeing a big push by media giants to take advantage of the net combining the best of both.

One local designer who has made it to Better.TV is Suzanne Gallagher, author of The Fine Art of Wall Design. When you go to Better.TV, click on "Home Now". To the right you'll see a number of tiles. Click on "Wall Decorating" and see her interview and a small tour of her home.

I think this is a great way to combine local information and advertising with a family orientation.

Bev & Mike
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