Thursday, October 25, 2007

Color Pulse 2009

Last night, hosted at the Lawrence Gallery, was Color Pulse 2009 attended by over 375 interior designers. Giving her fourth annual presentation, and the second annual in Portland, on the future of color, Color Director Doty Horn of Benjamin Moore wowed the audience with her pictures of things to come.
"Benjamin Moore's North American creative team continues to track emerging and cutting edge trends from around the world. For 2009, the overarching theme is Simplicity. Simplicity is intuitive and pure. It is Genius, It is essential in the world that we live in today and in the future. Color Pulse 2009 recognizes Simplicity in 4 distinct translations:
  • Raw - you can see evidence of "Raw" in basic fibers, grays, sand colors, white tones, galvanized metals and warm gold metals. Raw reflects the green movement, where things are reused and recycled. It's authentic, honest, pared down.
  • Urban Silence - It's slowing down, listening to nature, except nature is now the city and we will be bringing more of nature, trees and foliage, into our home and work environment. It's "slow food", unsight dining. Colors will tend to intense greens with a yellow base, mixed with cork, enlivened with copper and finishes will look wet or slick. Horn referred to this Urban Silence as an Amish ethic or Organic.
  • Simplexity - one pattern that is repetitive, bringing order to chaos. Simplexity is where walls become fluid and fabrics become rigid. You see the colors mentioned above, but blackened; colors with complex undercurrents. Think origami and folding.
  • Private Identity - our world is coming under influences from outside, think Spanish, Mexican, Latino, Dubai, think cultural fusion, YET, you want to maintain your identity. Maybe we see that in the tattooing or high end "one offs"
Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery is proud to have once again helped sponsor Color Pulse. If you want more information, buy the book Benjamin Moore Color Pulse 2009:

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