Thursday, November 01, 2007

Today Is Bridget A Otto Thursday

On Bridget Otto Thursday in Homes & Gardens of the Northwest, in the Oregonian, our friend and interior designer Diane Keaton is featured in a redo of a kitchen in a home on Cooper Mountain.

Keaton's Philosophy
“I always tell people: ‘My goal is that it is your house. You have to live here when I’m gone, and I want you to love it.’ I’m always trying to dig out of them how they use the room or the feel they want or the colors they like. I’ll take what they want and massage it to be wonderful.”
Otto writes,
The Andersons had used designers in the past, but only for color. This was the first time they'd sought expert advice to this extent -- floor plans, materials, lighting -- and they're glad they did.
This story illustrates why we focus on interior designers at Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery. We read and hear all the time about how an interior designer has made this whole process of remodel, redesign and redecorating so much easier and less stressful. If you want recommendations that fit your style or personality, ask and we can refer you to a minimum of three designers that may fit.

Diane Keaton can be reached at Diane Keaton Interiors, 503-848-8045

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