Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Master Furniture Makers LLC

On the news stand right now is a feature article on Kai Fuhrmann owner of Master Furniture Makers, one of Portland's leading custom furniture companies. His company is featured in this weeks Portland Business Journal "Portland Executive Home & Life".

Pick up a copy if you have a chance and read about Master Furniture Makers.

Recently, we had a retail customer looking for a specific dining table with an odd height and size. We were not able to help, so we referred them to Kai Fuhrmann. He met their needs by completely designing and building a table to their specifications.

We heard back that they were very pleased with Kai's work. For the referral, Kai sent us a gift certificate to our neighbor's restaurant, Castagna Cafe and Restaurant
Castagna has been a culinary destination for more than seven years offering sophisticated dishes prepared simply with seasonal ingredients and influences from France and Italy.
Kai has great taste in food, also!

Mike & Bev
Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery

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