Wednesday, December 05, 2007

What Is Eco Rowe?

The furniture buzz since High Point has been "green", sustainable and eco-friendly. I keep monitoring furniture sites to see if they have added anything new on the subject to their web sites. Here's one that has, Rowe Furniture has introduced Eco Rowe:
Sofas and chairs from upholstery manufacturer Rowe are more than just beautiful – they’re now kinder to the environment.

In a move toward more sustainable manufacturing practices, Rowe has introduced eco-friendly upholstery components, including two new cushions and 21 new fabrics made from 100 percent natural-fiber fabrics.

The “Eco-300CC” is a foam cushion in which a large portion of the traditional petroleum-based materials have been replaced with renewable, plant-based materials.

For rich, luxurious comfort there’s the “Eco-Down” cushion that combines recycled fibers with a feather and down blend. Products with these eco-friendly elements are identified with the new “Eco-Rowe” designation.
Members of The Sustainable Furniture Council and American Home Furnishings Alliance are both active in finding ways to help their members deliver environmentally friendly furniture to their customers.

Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery is proud to offer Rowe to interior designers and their customers.

Bev & Mike
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