Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Coffee Tables From Calligaris

Searching the internet as much as I do, I come across a lot of interesting sites. For example, here's one I found today, Freshome. It had pictures of a coffee table from one of our favorite contemporary vendors, Calligaris

Freshome writes
The Retro contemporary coffee table by Calligaris is both stylish and practical having a central open compartment under the top and two side drawers that open by a rotating pivot pin. The Calligaris retro table features a wenge finish that will easily match any home decor. The clean lines and smooth elegant curves make this a collection of pure design classics. This is Italian furniture design at its most architectural. New ideas in materials, techniques and shape combine to make a clarity and purity of form that is fresh and truly modern.
We like furniture pieces that can serve several functions.

Calligaris also offers Kobe, a contemporary coffee table in wenge, or rovere, with translucent glass

Bev & Mike
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