Sunday, April 27, 2008

Time For Outdoor Furniture

I know summer is going to be here soon and I want to get the deck outside looking good.

Heather at The Inside Store-y has some tips on cleaning the furniture that you will lie on to get that suntan and sit on to chat or eat that BBQ:

5 piece teak set in Bali design by Faraway Furniture.

Cleaning Methods
It's as simple as soap and water. It's all you need for most outdoor furniture. You may want to ...pick up a power washer.
She covers cleaning
  • Acrylic Cushions
  • Resin Furniture - Resin furniture is easy to clean. Spray off dirt and grime and let dry. If there are scuff marks, use a gentle abrasive to remove. To remove mildew, follow the instructions above.
  • Wicker -You can use a hose or pressure washer.
  • Wrought Iron, Steel Frames & Aluminum -Use mild soap and water to clean.
  • Fabric
  • Umbrellas
  • Wooden Furniture
Faraway in About Teak has a lot on its website regarding teak care including this bit of advice:
The only maintenance we recommend for your teak furniture is occasional cleaning. This should be done with a mild soap (such as gentle hand cleaning soap) and warm water to preserve its natural elements.
There are some new ideas in outdoor furniture from The Modesto Bee, for example:
Chat tables are new this year, says Jan Booth of Patioworld in Fresno. These tabletops are higher than coffee tables but lower than dining tables. "It's high enough that you can put a cup there, but it's not like sitting at a dining table," she says.

Mesh on metal or wood pieces: Patio pieces that have mesh-type material over metal or wood frames also are popular.

"You can lay a towel on it or go without a towel, and you can lie on it. You don't stick to (the mesh), and it's very comfortable. You don't lie there and get sweat on your back and tush."
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