Saturday, August 23, 2008

What Is Magnetic Induction?

Mike came across an article today at Wallstrip Today about how Intel, using some new technology called "magnetic induction" has demonstrated a prototype system that could power gadgets without having to plug them into a wall socket. Imagine that! No more charging stations for cell phones and laptops, maybe even electric cars.

His research into "magnetic induction" led him to another article, this time about a new cooking surface.
Magnetic Induction Cook Tops uses technology that transfers heat to the pan through magnetism. Even when the cook top is on, it is cool to the touch because the energy transfer only affects magnetic objects. This is of great value for homes that have kids with curious hands!
GE is selling the GE Profile:
The GE units have a whole lot of smarts added in, especially when it comes to safety. If you remove the pot or pan while cooking, the surface detects its absence and cuts off. If you place something with less mass on the surface such as your ring or a spoon, it won't heat up. Only pots and pans will be allowed to generate the cooking heat. There's even a setting that lets you lock the cooktop's controls.
The neat thing is, it can boil water in 15 seconds and heat control is much more precise than with gas or electric burners. Think of the fossil fuels that can be saved! The GE website shows the cooktop has a retail price of $2549.

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