Friday, August 01, 2008

The Wallstrip Blog

I love this blog: Wallstrip. It's hip, irreverant, fast-paced and smart. Julie Alexander is the host and she is very good at reading her teleprompter with great gestures while we get fast cuts to media that is pertinent.

Take a look at the most recent post about AICAR: the exercise pill. An "exercise pill: the pill that helps you burn off calories just by sitting on the couch." What a wonderful idea. You can order a large pepperoni pizza, each slice worth 5 points, wash it down with a diet coke and afterwards take the "exercise pill" before your nap.

Then Alexander gives you a once over of Weight Watchers (WTW) as an investment. Her numbers on the price of thestock are a little out of date, though. She talks about the price of WTW as about $58. Since the video the stock has declined to about $35.

Investors must have liked the latest earnings or Wallstrip has a big following because the stock has jumped $2.42 or almost 7%!

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