Monday, August 18, 2008

The CCR And Its Contents

When Mike and I signed the lease a little over a year ago, in the Pearl Design center, we wanted to know about the covenants, conditions and restrictions, (CCR).

Alex Veiga, business writer for has some five good questions to ask when buying a condo. You are entitled to a copy of the CCR and Veiga says you want to know what's in it.

Every time the CCR subject comes up, I am reminded of a book I read, a while back, called "The Association" by Bentley Kittle. Publisher's Weekly describes the book this way:

With this haunting tale, Little (The Town) proves that he hasn't lost his terrifying touch. Barry and Maureen Welch are thrilled to exchange their chaotic California lifestyle for the idyllic confines of Bonita Vista, a ritzy gated community in the unincorporated fictional town of Corban, Utah. But as Bonita Vista residents, they're required to become members of the neighborhood's Homeowners' Association, a meddling group that uses its authority to spy on neighbors, eradicate pets and dismember anyone who fails to pay association dues and fines. Maureen, an accountant, and Barry, a horror writer who is banned by the association from writing at home, soon find themselves trapped in the kind of deranged world that Barry once believed existed only within the safety of his imagination. The novel's graphic and fantastic finale demonstrates the shortsightedness of the Association and will stick with readers for a long time. Little's deftly drawn characters inhabit a suspicious world laced with just enough sex, violence and Big Brother rhetoric to make this an incredibly credible tale.

It made quite an impression on me. I will never again be complacent about the CCR and its contents.
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