Thursday, October 30, 2008

10 tips to cut the cost of your holiday

It won't be long before we're taking off for foreign climates for the holidays or to beat the winter blues that can settle on us in the Northwest. Times Online has a valuable article listed under Money Central titled 10 tips to cut the cost of your holiday. Here's a sample of the tips:

1. Knock off hidden extras online - booking your trip online allows you to strip out things like your "world care fund" contribution, which is essentially the optional carbon-offset charge. This "carbon footprint offsetting" is one to watch on many flight and holiday websites as it may be included automatically, but you can usually remove it if you wish.

2.Plan your parking - we already do this. We stay the night before we leave at The Hampton Inn near the airport. There's an easy shuttle ride to the airport and we leave our car in their protected lot for free.

3. Chop the cost of flights - The best way to ensure you are not paying over the odds is to use a website such as Skyscanner, Flightchecker or Kayak. These send your trip details to scores of airlines and flight-broker websites for a range of quotes, listing the cheapest first.

4. Use the right card - In the UK there is The Abbey Zero credit card.
It does not charge a fee, will not charge you for foreign usage, and will enable you to withdraw up to £300 a day.
Make sure if from the US that your card offers the same service.

5. Cut car hire costs - by booking online you get the cheaper cars which may not be available on arrival.

There's five of the ten. Now check out the other five and start shopping for that new bathing suit.

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