Saturday, January 31, 2009

Come Join Us!

I want to discuss a "group" we've started at LinkedIn called Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery for Designers. We wrote early on
We invite you to join our group: Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery for interior designers in Portland, Oregon and surrounding states. This group will offer feedback about furniture and accessories seen and needed, help with purchasing decisions and insight into offerings at High Point and Las Vegas Market Bev & Mike landfair
Let me add that the interior design group in this area is a community. It forms smaller communities called NWSID. ASID. IIDA. ISD and AIA. Members talk to each other in those groups, but the community doesn't have a centralized platform for sharing information and questions. We hope to be that platform.

We also want to encourage you to be online. Have a web presence, be it a business website or a blog or Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter. In Jeff Jarvis' new book "What Would Google Do?", he writes that people take you less seriously if you are not online and believe you aren't professional if you are not online. The easiest thing to do is Google your name. Can a family moving to Portland, needing a designer find you and your phone number and email you with questions? Can they see any photos of your work?

You can accomplish this today and it's free. See those two little words "Create Blog" in the upper right hand corner in the blue strip. It's that easy! Do you have any photos of your work on your computer? You can share them with us on your blog or through Flickr. It's all free!

Now's the time. Come join us!

Bev & Mike
Landfair Furniture + Design Gallery
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