Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tidal Pulls

I was co-contractor in our house built in the late '70s. I still remember the cabinets in the kitchen. They were white oak, which was the "in" accent wood at the time, in fact we had white oak through out the house. After the cabinets were hung, my job was to wipe everything with a kind of oil that brought out the grain and protected the wood. After the oil was applied, then you needed to vigorously wipe off the excess so it felt smooth not tacky. It left them the color of honey, as I recall.

Then we purchased pulls. Every door had to be drilled once for the pull and every drawer need two holes drilled. I thought I would never get done with the measuring and centering and drilling. In the house we are in now, there are no pulls on the kitchen cabinets. Mike and I just have never found the time or extra money for the job.

LinkedIn introduced me to Linda Thompson who started a company called Tidal Pulls that uses a brushed chrome strip for a pull and it's attached to the back of the door or drawer. I love the ease of installation and its clean appearance. Linda's asking for feedback. What do you think?

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