Friday, March 13, 2009


We sat by the pool here in Pueblo Bonito Emerald bay talking with a woman from Las Vegas. The subject turned to furniture and she mentioned she had an antique Coromandel trunk that she really loved. That was a word we hadn't heard in awhile, Coromandel.

Coromandel is a decorative lacquer design developed in China that depicts figures or scenes etc. When we first started Landfair Furniture, one of our biggest sellers off the floor was unique Coromandel decorative trunks and boxes. They were end table height, perfect for a lamp and they could be used for storage. It was perfect for adding texture to a room. The trunks and boxes were great gifts for newly weds, or a spouse that is hard to buy for.

We still carry the storage boxes in our store. They are beautiful and brand new. If you can afford a good piece of furniture, buy a Coromandel Decorative Trunk - something you will value, that will become a classic. No matter how many times you change your design or the look of your home, this quality trunk will work.

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