Sunday, March 22, 2009


To my husband, books are a necessity in a civilized society. And for a society to escape poverty, it must foster a value for learning and reading books. Michael has piles of books. When the piles get too large, he finally sells some on eBay or takes them to Powell's or just gives them away.

He has a fascination with bookcases and when Denis Rosmi emailed him about extendoshop, he called me over to take a look at their creative book cases. They fit most any ceiling height and can be used as a semi-permanent room divider in a condo or loft.

The main goal of the extendo design team is to offer products with a high design, technical and functional content, using only the highest quality materials with a low environmental impact (the materials can all be recycled).

The systems are not inexpensive, however they are fun, good looking and have a lightness about them.

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