Friday, July 09, 2010

Learn About Blogging from decor8 Founder

When you compile a list of the Top 25 Home Decor blogs, one name is always on such a list, small "d", decor8. ProBlogger interviewed decor8 blogger Holly Becker who gets 35,000 readers a day. Listen to the podcast at Problogger to hear her talk about:
  • shares the story behind starting decor8
  • gives insight into how she keeps coming up with fresh content ideas
  • shares what type of posts work best at drawing in readers to comment
  • talks about her decision to bring on a regular columnist
  • reflects on dealing with negative comments
  • answers the question of ‘what is a conversion’ for you when a reader hits your blog
  • share how she’s built her readership
  • reveals how she makes a full time living from her blog
  • talks about her other ventures, including her ‘blogging your way’ e-course and up coming book
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